The 2015 Southburgh Festival

In 2015 this was the website for the Norfolk World Music Festival held in Southburgh, Norfolk, UK. The current website for the festival can be found at: or go to their current Facebook page at:


FYI: I first attended the World Music Festival in 2015 with a group of friends from the Norwich University of the Arts. We had a fantastic time. I was planning on returning to the UK in 2020 to attend my 5th year reunion at the Norwich University of the Arts, catch up with friends who had remained in the UK and take in the festival. Plans were abruptly cancelled when the Covid pandemic struck across the world. Australia, where I am living, shut down its borders. The Australian government has institued aggressive quarantines when necessary and they have been very successful. Non-essential services such as social gathering venues such as pubs and clubs were not allowed. During the four month shut down in Victoria, I like most of my friends ended up playing, what many consider a Australian national past time, playing pokies, at several online casino web sites. If you are interested in finding online casinos that are Australian player friendly I suggest you read more at We were all hoping that with the availabilty of Covid 19 vaccines, travel would open up a bit. The impact of the pandemic has particularly impacted negatively the arts sector. I had been hoping to get back to the UK in 2021 to see friends, but just learned that the Norfolk World Music festival, once again have decided to cancel the festival. I had been looking forward to seeing Anna Mudeka who is headlining with her band. It would have been for the first time in 5 years. If I remember correctly they had released their amazing album Dendende in 2015. Talk about disappointment. I also wanted to see the premier performance of Amrita Sandhu’s Who Ami I featuring Anna Mudeka, but I guess that will have to wait for another year. The fact that the festival hopes to be able to return in 2022 with most of the same line up and more and the same spirit and message of unity and togetherness, gives me hope amony my initial disappointment.


Now lets return to the archived information from the 2015 World Music Festival.

In this 7th year of the festival we are already feeling excited about another fantastic fun-filled family day with everything for everyone. During those years, we have raised an amazing amount of money for the Mudeka Foundation; and this is truly changing of lives of children in Zimbabwe. To those who have supported us, thank you so much!

The Festival is a day to celebrate music and the arts in an exciting and safe environment. People of all ages attend, interact and share experiences – including outstanding performances; amazing workshops, great food, retail therapy or just chilling out in the blazing sunshine. These are the elements that made Southburgh Festival a sell out last year and we are predicting the same again for 2015 so don’t miss out – order your tickets now


Those wishing to make a weekend of it can take advantage of the adjacent camping field from Friday to Sunday. There will be a bar open on the Friday evening. Lick Cuisine will be serving delicious West Indies food and Jose Ferrera will play some Latino grooves.

On Sunday morning, breakfast will be available for campers. Stanford’s local farm will supply bacon and sausages and Shingfield’s of Hingham will be providing eggs. With fresh tomatoes from Anna’s polytunnel, A veggie option will also be available. All profits to the Mudeka Foundation.


Southburgh Festival’s shopping village will be better than ever this year, under the direction of Norwich Global Village who is ensuring that all stalls are of a high standard with a range of fantastic goods.

Children’s Crafts

Moria is joining the team this year and will be supervising the children’s tent from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm. She is organising plenty of activities to keep the children happy all day and they can pop in and out as many times as they wish.


The Southburgh Festival venue is close to a working farm with livestock. Therefore, dogs cannot be accommodated either at the Festival or in the Camping Field. There are no exceptions to this policy so please do not arrive with a dog(s) as entrance will be denied

Camping: arrival and departure

Campers are encouraged to arrive any time between 5pm and 9pm on the Friday and enjoy the bar, West Indian food and Latin music. The Camping Field has showers for campers to use. For those wishing to stay on Saturday night, for £5 each breakfast will be served between 9 am and 10.30 am on Sunday morning. All campers should depart by 12 midday when the gates will be shut.

We look forward to welcoming you all and hope the weekend is another great success for the Mudeka Foundation.



Main Stage

There is a fantastic mix of talent on our main stage, highlighting Norfolk’s role as a showcase for artists from all over the world. The diversity of talent in the area is incredible and we are delighted to be presenting an abundance of locally sourced acts to rival any of the more established festivals.

We are thrilled to announce Headspace as our finale act for this year. This three piece band plays a totally infectious blend of folk fused with electronic bass lines. Often described as ‘celtic trance’, their music features elements of ska, funk, rock and country to create an irresistibly danceable performance which simultaneously evokes sounds of the past and the future.

For the younger members of our audience we have Twisted Piglet who deliver a pulsating mix of keyboard, drums & guitar blended with verve and passion. Last year they supported The Proclaimers on their UK tour and in 2012 they represented Norwich at Exit Festival in Serbia.

Sefo Kanuteh and Meriya are certainly not ‘Normal For Norfolk’ but we are so fortunate to have this Kora virtuoso in our county. Gambian musician Sefo Kanuteh is a gifted composer with the rare distinction of mastering both the kora (21 string African harp), and balafon (xylophone), along with the vocal arts of jaliya, the Griot traditions of his homeland.

Jose Ferrera Mulem’s Band will transport you to the streets and bars of Havana, Cuba, with their lively latino sounds. What’s more, after your salsa dance workshop, you will be able to show off your dance steps.

Watchsnatchers are traveling from Ireland to join us – and we couldn’t be more pleased. They have a tangible love of Ireland and its music. They are great fun as can be seen from their video at the Hippodrome London last year. Check them out at

Girl In A Thunderbolt

Really pleased to welcome Girl In A Thunderbolt, aka Maria Uzor to the festival this year. She has just released a new EP OWN YOUR OWN BONES. Her songs are a celebration of music without any unnecessary pomp and ceremony, an uncanny mix of the minimal and the dark hearted, wrapped tightly in a jagged electro acoustic blanket and held together with rhythmic duck tape. Linked to PJ Harvey, Siouxsie Sioux and Skin.

We know you are just going to love the line up from jazz to Irish, Rock, Africa and Cuban rhythms. It’s guaranteed to bring the sunshine out and keep you smiling for days after.

The Fringe Stage


The Fringe Stage was a great success when we added it to the Festival last year. Who could forget King Tate, Oscar Elmon and all the young talent that appeared. This year we are spicing it up even more with poetry and acoustic music throughout the afternoon.

There will also be pop-up performances around the venue to enhance the Festival experience.

Tambai Community Projects

Tambai Community Projects is a volunteer organisation that shares specialist cultural events within Norfolk and the East of England. Southburgh Festival is our main event with more than 30 volunteers who come together to plan, organise and prepare the festival all year round. Great support comes from the audience who attend the festival in their hundreds including people from as far as Belgium, London, Scotland and Essex, as well as our beloved Norfolk. Artistic Director Anna Mudeka sees the festival as a way of bringing communities together through shared interests of music, food, friendship and good quality family time. It is her ambition to bring generations together in the heart of Norfolk to enjoy unique experiences that the wider world has to offer

Fabulous Food

Your taste buds are also in for a treat with some fantastic flavors including delicious pizzas, burgers, ginormous hotdogs and chips. We welcome for the first time The Lick Catering company specialising in West Indian Fusion Cuisine.

For those with a sweet tooth, the local church stand will be providing lovely home-made cakes and hot drinks. And in the evening we welcome the Fairy Maids who will supply hot drinks and cake until late. Yummy offerings will be provided by Norfolk Ice Cream.


The Sunday breakfast for campers proved a success beyond all our expectations so we will again be doing a fry up on Sunday morning. Local farmer the Stanford’s will be supplying bacon and sausages and the Shingfield’s of Hingham will be supplying eggs. Fresh tomatoes will be from Anna’s polly tunnel, well you can’t get any fresher than that. Veggie option also available. Please remember all profit from the breakfast go to the Mudeka Foundation.

The Bar…

The bar will be open from Friday night and the lick cuisine will be serving some delicious West Indies food. We will have Jose Ferrera playing some Latino groves until later in the bar. We welcome the Mudeka Foundation again this year who will be running the bar, all proceeds go to support their various educational projects in Zimbabwe. So please drink plenty.



More Background On The (Norfolk World Music Festival)

The Norfolk World Music Festival, hosted in Southburgh, Norfolk, UK, has evolved into a significant event celebrating global music and cultural diversity. After being forced to cancel in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival made a much-anticipated return in 2021, encapsulating the spirit of "Umoja," a Swahili and Zulu term embodying unity and togetherness. This theme was especially poignant, given the global challenges faced during the pandemic.

Spanning the last weekend of July, the festival's main day of events took place on Saturday, July 31st, featuring an eclectic mix of performances. The lineup highlighted the festival's commitment to showcasing a broad spectrum of musical genres and cultures. Anna Mudeka, the festival organizer and a prominent figure in the festival's narrative, headlined the Main Stage with her band, marking their first performance at the festival in five years since the release of their acclaimed album "Dendende" in 2015. The album, which received national radio airplay and a spot at the Latitude festival, features original songs inspired by Mudeka’s native Zimbabwe​.

The festival's offerings were not limited to music alone; it included a range of workshops, from drum and percussion lessons across various instruments to dance workshops in Samba and African singing, and even yoga sessions. These workshops were led by skilled artists and teachers like Kevin Mortimer, Mog, Jose Ferrera, Anna Mudeka, Hej, and Debbie Harris, providing attendees with an immersive cultural experience​​.

Moreover, the event catered to a diverse palate with a wide selection of global cuisine, including Zimbabwean dishes, burgers, a vegetarian and vegan van, crepes, cakes, coffee, and ice cream. The Mudeka Foundation ran the bar and served traditional breakfasts on the weekend, with all profits directed towards educational projects for orphans in Zimbabwe. This integration of philanthropy into the festival’s operations underscores its broader commitment to community support and cultural exchange​.

Attendees could also enjoy the festival from the comfort of a camping site, adding a dimension of outdoor adventure to the experience. The festival was mindful of safety, adhering to the government's COVID-19 guidelines to ensure a secure environment for all participants​.

In essence, the Norfolk World Music Festival stands as a beacon of cultural celebration, bringing together diverse acts and individuals in the spirit of unity and shared humanity. Its successful execution amidst uncertain times is a testament to the resilience of the arts and the enduring power of community.



The audience for the (Norfolk World Music Festival) is diverse, reflecting the festival's wide appeal due to its eclectic mix of musical genres, cultural workshops, and international cuisine. Based on the festival's programming and activities, we can infer several key characteristics of its audience:

  1. Music Enthusiasts: The festival attracts lovers of world music and those interested in discovering new sounds. Its lineup includes a range of genres from African Kora and Cuban rhythms to Gypsy punk, reggae, ska, and more, appealing to those with eclectic tastes and a passion for music from around the globe​​.

  2. Cultural Explorers: With workshops on drumming, dance, singing, and more, the festival is a draw for individuals interested in learning about different cultures. Attendees have the opportunity to engage directly with various cultural practices, making it appealing to those seeking immersive experiences​​.

  3. Foodies: The festival's wide array of international cuisines caters to food enthusiasts looking to explore tastes from around the world. From Caribbean and Indian to African and French Thai, the festival offers a feast for the taste buds, attracting food lovers​.

  4. Families and Children: The festival is family-friendly, offering activities and workshops suitable for children, making it a popular choice for parents looking for cultural activities they can enjoy with their kids. The presence of craft stalls and a range of food options also makes it an appealing day out for families.

  5. Community and Charity Supporters: Given the festival's ties to charitable causes, such as the Mudeka Foundation, it attracts attendees who are keen to support community initiatives and charitable work through their participation. The festival's ethos of unity and togetherness resonates with those looking to make a positive impact​.

  6. Outdoor and Camping Enthusiasts: With options for camping available, the festival draws individuals and groups who enjoy outdoor experiences and the festival camping lifestyle. It offers a unique weekend getaway for those looking to combine their love for music and culture with the enjoyment of staying in a beautiful outdoor setting​.

Overall, the Norfolk World Music Festival's audience is characterized by its diversity, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate music, culture, food, and community.


Known For

The Norfolk World Music Festival, previously known as the Southburgh World Music Festival, is known for several key aspects that make it a unique and cherished event in the cultural calendar of Norfolk, UK, and beyond:

  1. Eclectic Musical Lineup: The festival is renowned for its diverse array of musical performances, featuring artists from around the globe. It showcases a mix of genres, including African Kora, Cuban rhythms, Gypsy punk, reggae, ska, traditional Zimbabwean, Eastern European, and Irish music, providing attendees with a rich and varied auditory experience.

  2. Cultural Workshops and Activities: Beyond music, the festival offers a wide range of cultural workshops and activities, such as drumming, dance, singing, and more. These immersive experiences allow attendees to learn about different cultures through direct participation, making the festival not just a place for entertainment but also for education and cultural exchange​.

  3. International Cuisine: A feast for the taste buds, the festival features an incredible range of food from around the world, including Caribbean, Indian, African, French Thai, and Zimbabwean cuisines, among others. This emphasis on diverse culinary offerings positions the festival as a destination for foodies looking to explore international flavors​.

  4. Family-Friendly Environment: With activities and entertainment suitable for all ages, the festival is known for being family-friendly. It provides a safe and welcoming space for children to explore and engage in cultural activities, making it a popular choice for families looking to enjoy a cultural outing together​.

  5. Charitable Contributions: The festival is committed to supporting charitable causes, particularly through its association with the Mudeka Foundation, which benefits from the festival's proceeds. This philanthropic aspect of the festival highlights its commitment to giving back to the community and supporting educational projects for orphans in Zimbabwe​.

  6. Beautiful Rural Setting: Hosted at Burton Manor Barns in Southburgh, Norfolk, the festival is known for its picturesque rural setting. This provides a scenic backdrop for the festivities and offers a peaceful retreat for attendees looking to enjoy music and culture in the countryside.

  7. Sense of Community and Unity: Finally, the festival is celebrated for fostering a strong sense of community and unity among attendees. With its theme of "Umoja," meaning togetherness and unity in Swahili and Zulu, the festival emphasizes the importance of coming together to celebrate diversity and cultural richness.

Overall, the Norfolk World Music Festival is known for its comprehensive celebration of global music, culture, and community, making it a must-visit event for anyone interested in experiencing the world's cultural diversity in the heart of Norfolk.



The Norfolk World Music Festival, initially known as the Southburgh World Music Festival, has a rich history that reflects its growth and evolution into a key event celebrating global music and culture in Norfolk, UK.

Origins and Evolution:

  • The festival began in Southburgh, Norfolk, as a small, community-focused event aimed at celebrating world music and cultures. Over the years, it has grown both in size and scope, expanding its lineup to include a wide range of musical genres from around the globe. This growth necessitated a name change to the Norfolk World Music Festival, to better reflect its broadened focus and appeal.

Musical Diversity:

  • From its inception, the festival has been dedicated to showcasing a diverse array of music. It has featured artists and bands from various parts of the world, bringing sounds ranging from African Kora, Cuban rhythms, and Gypsy punk to reggae, ska, and traditional music from Zimbabwe, Eastern Europe, and Ireland. This musical diversity is a core aspect of the festival's identity, highlighting Norfolk's role as a vibrant showcase for global talent.

Cultural and Educational Workshops:

  • Another significant aspect of the festival's history is its emphasis on cultural workshops and activities. Beyond music, attendees have had the opportunity to participate in workshops on drumming, dance, singing, and more, led by skilled artists and teachers. These workshops offer immersive experiences, allowing participants to engage directly with various cultural practices.

International Cuisine and Community Focus:

  • The festival has also been known for its international cuisine, with food stalls offering dishes from around the world, adding to the multicultural atmosphere of the event. Moreover, the festival has a strong community focus, with proceeds supporting charitable causes, particularly the Mudeka Foundation, which works towards the education of orphans in Zimbabwe.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere:

  • Throughout its history, the Norfolk World Music Festival has maintained a family-friendly atmosphere, with activities and workshops suitable for all ages. This inclusivity has made it a popular choice for families seeking a cultural outing.

Impact of COVID-19:

  • Like many events worldwide, the Norfolk World Music Festival faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the festival being canceled in 2020. However, it made a notable return, emphasizing the theme of "Umoja" - togetherness and unity - as it welcomed back attendees in a safe and socially distanced manner.

Current Status:

  • Today, the festival continues to be a cherished event in Norfolk's cultural calendar, known for its eclectic mix of music, educational workshops, international cuisine, and community spirit. It offers a unique space where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to celebrate the richness of global cultures​​.

The history of the Norfolk World Music Festival is a testament to the power of music and culture to bring people together, celebrating diversity and unity in the beautiful setting of Norfolk.


Cultural & Social Significance

The (Norfolk World Music Festival), with its rich history and diverse offerings, holds significant cultural and social importance for both the local community in Norfolk, UK, and the wider audience it attracts. Here are several key aspects of its cultural and social significance:

Promotion of Cultural Diversity and Unity

The festival's emphasis on a wide range of musical genres from around the world, alongside cultural workshops and international cuisine, serves as a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity. It not only provides a platform for artists from different backgrounds to showcase their talents but also educates and exposes attendees to cultures other than their own. The theme of "Umoja," meaning unity and togetherness, underscores the festival's mission to foster a sense of global community and understanding through the arts.

Educational Value

Through its workshops and activities, the festival offers attendees hands-on opportunities to learn about various cultural traditions, musical instruments, and dance styles. These educational components enrich the festival experience, allowing participants to gain new skills and knowledge that extend beyond mere entertainment. The inclusion of such workshops highlights the festival's role in promoting lifelong learning and curiosity about the world.

Support for Charitable Causes

The Norfolk World Music Festival's commitment to supporting charitable causes, particularly the Mudeka Foundation, adds a layer of social significance to the event. By directing proceeds to support education for orphans in Zimbabwe, the festival extends its impact beyond cultural celebration to tangible support for communities in need. This philanthropic aspect resonates with attendees who value the opportunity to contribute to positive change through their participation in the festival​.

Community Engagement and Economic Impact

The festival plays a crucial role in bringing together people from various backgrounds, fostering a sense of community and shared experience. It also contributes to the local economy by attracting visitors to Norfolk, supporting local artisans and food vendors, and increasing visibility for the region as a cultural destination. The communal atmosphere and inclusive ethos of the festival strengthen social bonds and encourage community pride and cohesion.

Platform for Emerging and Established Artists

By featuring both emerging talents and established artists, the festival serves as an important platform for performers to reach new audiences. This exposure can be critical for artists at all stages of their careers, contributing to the vitality and sustainability of the global music scene. The festival's role in highlighting a diverse array of musical traditions also helps in preserving and promoting intangible cultural heritage.

Response to Global Challenges

The festival's adaptability in the face of global challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, underscores its relevance and resilience. By continuing to bring people together in celebration of music and culture, even under difficult circumstances, the festival demonstrates the enduring power of the arts to uplift and unite, serving as a beacon of hope and solidarity in uncertain times​.

In sum, the Norfolk World Music Festival's cultural and social significance lies in its celebration of diversity, educational value, support for charitable causes, contribution to community engagement and economic impact, platform for artists, and its response to global challenges. It stands as a testament to the power of music and cultural exchange to foster understanding, unity, and social change.